African Union African Diaspora Committee Germany African Union African Diaspora THE ORIGIONAL PARTICIPANTS GERMANY – Historic Meeting Read the Report on how it all started AFROTAK cyberNomads elected for vice presidency BLACK EVENTS DEUTSCHLAND AFROTAK cyberNomads Afro Deutsch Event Promotion Black commUNITY Community

African Union Diaspora Committee Germany AFROTAK cyberNomads elected for vice presidency BLACK EVENTS DEUTSCHLAND AFROTAK cyberNomads Afro Deutsch Event Promotion Black commUNITY Community

African Union African Diaspora Committee Germany AFROTAK cyberNomads elected for vice presidency African Union African Diaspora Deutschland BLACK EVENTS DEUTSCHLAND AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Afro Deutsch Event Promotion Black commUNITY Community. Since 2007 the South African Embassy consults AFROTAK TV cyberNomads for expertise on media-strategy. The SA Embassy invited me as representative for the African Union Conference RCC (Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference) in September 2007 in Paris.

In 2007 the South African Embassy asked AFROTAK TV cyberNomads to assist in calling together the AFRICAN DIASPORA Germany. Because of our expertise in getting together a very international crowd for 3 Major Black Media Congresses in Berlin and and for organizing the First Panafrican Literature Award in Germany – the May Ayim Award under umbrella ship of the UNESCO Germany – we were asked to develop a strategy for the gathering of the African Diaspora in Germany.

We started with a small round of people and slowly we made progress on the European platform as well as on the national level. At some point around middle to  end of  2007 Mr. Kennedy F Trumenta joined our meetings.

In 2008 after we had gone through the 3rd Round of people leaving the work and coming back to it – we decided to finally put a Verein in place. Adetoun Kueppers-Adebisi had been asking to do so for ever since we had started with the process to get into the German Structure of working things. Since at first many some had objections because they wanted to soley be on the mandat that the African Union had given us it was a long process to get this development through.

Here You see some Pictures of the origional team that got the African Union African Diaspora going:











Here is the report of the historic Meeting at the South African Embassy where Mr. Kennedy F. Trumenta was elected as President and I was elected for Vice Presidency for the African Union African Diaspora Germany organizing process, – that in 2010 finally led to the installment of  the AFRICAN UNION AFRICAN DIASPORA GERMANY e.V.



Sitzung/Meeting 02 02 2008 Beginn 12.00 h
in South African Embassy, Tiergartenstrasse 18, Berlin Ende 17.00 h
Moderation Kennedy/ Küppers-Adebisi


Paulette Reed-Anderson

Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi

Kennedy F Trumenta

Michael Küppers-Adebisi


entschuldigt fehlten: Dela / David Aloge

unentschuldigt fehlten: niemand


Greetings and Welcome Address

Nelwamondo Thilili greeted the participants in the name of the South African
Embassy on mandate from the African Union.

Nomination of a Secretary/Scribe/Rapporteur

Michael Küppers-Adebisi accepted the position of secretary as an interim solution with assistance from Paulette Reed-Anderson.

Self-introduction and Vision (max. 3 min)

The participants agreed that their common vision is guided by the spirit of the African Union goals as set in the French and South-African meetings earlier this year.

The 3 points to be followed in all steps and projects should focus on

1)     Sustainable Dialogue

2)     Establishment of a permanent secretariat

3)     Breakdown of practical realisation according to the German reality ( think global/ act local)

Coordination board

  1. What ought to be done

1)     The coordination board acts on mandate by the African Union. The mandate structure will be applied to cover all other regions of Germany. Thus the
coordination board will identify key players and multipliers and give out mandates for the Bundesländer to reach out for the Diaspora as a whole. The coordination Board acts as an umbrella (Dachverband) for the African Diaspora in Germany.
(Central Council for Africans/ Zentralrat der Türken/ Juden etc.)

2)     The coordination board will organize its activities making it possible to function within the German system. To produce benefits and synergies on a maximized scale the long-term organizational form will be a Verein (e.V.).

3)     The coordination Board will not try to reinvent projects but instead base its working upon cooperation with existing ones to realize the

4)     The coordination board should look for expertise to fill in their positions instead of giving out positions according to ranks or power. Only action upon knowledge will bring advancement for the community as a whole.

  1. How many people

1)     The coordination Board should be constituted following the basic outline of the working commissions of the African Union. There are 7 major working commissions in the structure of the African Union. Thus their will be 7 chairs that can give out further mandates to fill in expertise from people skilled in specific topics.

  1. Voting

Since the coordination Board gives out the chairs following the expertise of its members the positions are determined by discussion. The positions are given out for the duration of one year.
Senior commmissioner             Mr. Tumenta F. Kennedy

Vice senior commissioner         Mrs. Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi

1          Chair person for Political Cooperation

Mr Tumenta F. Kennedy in cooperation with Afrikarat etc

2          Chair person for Socio-Economic Cooperation

Dr. Dela

3          Chair person for Knowledge Sharing, Science & Technology Transfer

Prof.  Yankah in cooperation with AFROTAK TV cyberNomads

4          Arts, Culture and Sports


5          Chair person for Media and Diaspora

Dipl.Wirt.Ing. Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi

6          Chair person for Women, Youth and Vulnerable Group

Stephania in cooperation with AYF

7a        Chair person for Historical Commonalities
Mrs. Paulette Reed-Anderson

7b        Socio-cultural and Religious Commonalities

Elayah/ Sesai

Michael Küppers-Adebisi/ Paulette Reed Anderson

Short term meetings / Next Projects coming on

Paris February 2008, 9/10

Kennedy will be participating in the Paris Meeting to represent the German committee.
Prof. Yankah will be there as well.

March 9th               1857     Emancipation-Day

Paulette Reed-Anderson is organizing an Event for the 9th of March to celebrate the Emancipation Day in Preussia (9th of March 1857). The committee will support the event.

Long term meetings

Not Discussed

8)     TOP 7
Other matters

Presentation agreements for next meeting / Invitation for the Big Round 20 people+

  • Mr. Kennedy / David / Dela:

Constitution-research for the Diaspora Committee

  • Mr. Yankah Presentation World bank:

Finance and Information Bank Rating African-Project / Video Conference Project Africa

  • Mrs.Küppers-Adebisi/ Mr. Küppers-Adebisi:

Black German Yellow Pages Directory & Databank for all African Diaspora Germany /
Strong African Media/ Overview Black Media Germany/ Report Black Media Congress

  • Diaspora Committee Deutschland – Online representation on
    AFROTAK TV cyberNomads


  • Effective use of resources Afrika-Rat (München/NRW/Berlin) – Black Diaspora Committee as Dachverband
  • Communication to German Structure / Communication to AU- Paris Report

Nächstes Treffen am von bis Uhr


TOP´s/ Inhalte des nächsten Treffens

am Ende der Sitzung immer festlegen

Top1    Acceptance Protocol

Top 2   Presentations

Top 3   Chair for Arts, Culture and Sports

Top 4

Top 5

Anlagen: keine

Unterschrift / Datum: 04/01/2008

Michael Küppers-Adebisi

In February 2010 we finally got to the constituency meeting of the AFRICAN UNION AFRICAN DIASPORA GERMANY e.V. meeting where Adetoun Kueppers-Adebisi was part of the Founding Board Members and Michael Kueppers-Adebisi wrote the report of the meeting.


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