Migration-Bildung-Barrieren-EDUCATION-REPORT AFRIKA-DIASPORA-DEUTSCHLAND-AFROTAK-02-Theodor-Michael-Katja-Kinder-Peggy-Piesche-Stephen-Dankwah-Schwarze Deutsche Black Germans

Migration-Bildung-Barrieren-EDUCATION-REPORT AFRIKA-DIASPORA-DEUTSCHLAND-AFROTAK-02-Theodor-Michael-Katja-Kinder-Peggy-Piesche-Stephen-Dankwah-Schwarze Deutsche Black Germans

Everybody has oppinons on how education and migration should work. and how education should integrate. Buschkowski Mayor of Berlins´ multi-cultural center Neu-Köln even makes public blatant racist remarks. The UN 2013 demanded of Germany to act against racism because of Sarazin.

But what is the situation really? And more important – What does the Community think?
The mainstream media mostly victimizes the African and People of Color Communities by making their input into society invisible!

Watch NOW HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1JVsc3HorI

AFROTAK TV cyberNomads  talked to:
Theodor Michael one of the oldest Black German/ Afro German – Holocaust Survivors.
Stephen Dankwah – a teacher from Ghana, who now is a citicen of Germany.
And to 2 Black Woman , educators and Community Activists from the Black and African Woman Organisation ADEFRA. Their name is Katja Kinder and Peggy Piesche.

Watch their feedback NOW. AND find surprising racist continuities from Good Old Weimar Republik and colonial times on, throughout nazi Germany and its Race Laws, – up to the present Federal Republic of Germany and its´ laws on who may work in their profession and who not … .

The song remains the same: Is missing education really the root for the problems the African Diaspora in Germany faces?

Migration-Bildung-Barrieren-EDUCATION-REPORT AFRIKA-DIASPORA-DEUTSCHLAND-AFROTAK-Theodor-Michael-Katja-Kinder-Peggy-Piesche-Stephen-Dankwah-Schwarze Deutsche Black Germans


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