Schwarz Gemacht Win 3 Free Theatre Tickets AFROTAK commUNITY promo What is identity? What makes us who we are? Who has the right to define us?

Schwarz Gemacht AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Afrika Theater Berlin

Schwarz Gemacht AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Afrika Theater Berlin

Set in 1938 Berlin and drawing heavily upon history, the play imagines a story that examines universal questions of self and citizenship primarily through the eyes of a patriotic Afrodeutscher(Afro-German) actor. Proud to serve his country, he appears in propaganda films calling for the return of Germany’s former African colonies. An encounter with an African-American musician and activist leads to hard questions about the treatment of people of color both in Germany and in the United States of America.

Written by Alexander Thomas, directed by Daniel Brunet

With Sadiq Bey, Ernest Allan Hausmann, Peter Priegann, Miriam Anna Schroetter and Kerstin Schweers

Foyer Exhibition and Production Dramaturgy by Aline Benecke | Set Design by David L. Arsenault | Lighting Design and Production Management by Christian Maith | Costume Design by Tamar Ginati | Sound Design, Composition and Piano Accompaniment by Natalia Lincoln | Video Design by Noam Gorbat | Assistant Direction by Joseph Wegmann | Design Assistance by Matthew Peach |

The production of Schwarz gemacht features an exhibition in our foyer exploring the historical themes of the play.

Post-performance discussions with the artistic team and cast will be offered on Friday, April 17 and Friday, April 24.



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