Mrs. Adetoun Kueppers-Adebisi Engineer of Applied Sciences and Economics (Dipl. – Wirt.Ing.)

Adetoun-Kueppers-Adebisi-Lebenslauf CV Black German Management Expert AFROTAK cyberNomads

Project & Event - Management

Knowledge & Media - Management/ Archives
Coach for Youth & Diversity - Management

Event & Panel Moderation – Transcultural Communication

Team leader (Engineer) – Energy Consulting & Waste Management

Concepts – Media Culture Education

Publisher & Author - Film Print Online-TV

Translator (inaugurated) - Englisch Yoruba German


Academic Profile


Since April 2011 Humboldt University Berlin
Member of the Post-Graduate Colloquium „Gender as Category of Knowledge “

Centre for Trans Gender Studies (ZtG)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Lann Hornscheidt


Feb 1999 – Jul 2002 University Cologne (Rheinische Fachhochschule)

Degree: Engineer of Applied Sciences and Economics
Specialization: Marketing and Sales

Project-Management, Akquisition & Marketing

Quality Management, Business planning and Controlling, Rhetoric’s

Diploma Thesis for IDS Scheer AG Saarbrucken:
„Economical Business Advantages of Enterprise-Portals under Consideration of Knowledge-Management-Aspects.”
Grade: 1, 0


Sep 1996 – Okt 1998 University Mannheim (Fachhochschule/ University for Design and Technics)

Economical Engineering

Specialization: Marketing & Sales



April 10 – Jun 10 Fortbildungsakademie UBB

Certificate: Energy Consultant & Waste Management

Basic Qualifications in Environmental Law/ Waste and Water Economy/ Emission Protection/ Soil-, and Nature Protection/ Sustainable Energy Economy, Regenerative Energy/ Energy Efficiency/ Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for Environmental Protection/ Databank Systems & comparative applications for Global Waste Economy.

April 06 – Jun 06 ZDF, Berlin Public Television Germany

Internship as Assistent Director for „SOKO Wismar“

Team Coordination, Projekt Management, Continuity

Mai 04 – Nov 04  GSF Wirtschaftsschule, Berlin

Certificate: Controlling & Project Management SAP R/3

Business Economics, Accounting, Cost and Efficiency Calculations,
Project-Management with MS Excel, MS Projekt, MS Access, SAP R/3 Module FI, CO, PS

Aug 92 – Jul 94 Hachenberg-Schule Mannheim

Degree: University of Applied Sciences Entrance Qualification and State certified Economic Assistant

Aug 91 – Jul 92 Berufsschule, Solingen

Degree: Economy and Administration
Aug 87 – Jul 90                                   Gymnasium Vogelsang, Solingen

Degree: University of Applied Sciences Entrance Qualification

Lectures, Workshops & Moderation

March 2012 LIMA Media Congress               @ Technical University Berlin

Lecture, Workshop and Discussion Panel (with TAZ und DIE ZEIT)

„Migrant Knowledge Archives, Paradigm Changes and Artistic-Media Resistance as Visual Anti-Racism Campaign“

Nov 2011 Verein Berliner Künstler, Berlin & Listros e.V.
Africa Images & Waste Management – Panel Discussion with Dr. Shunle/ Moderator

Good Girls Go Heaven – Bad Girls Go Berlin – (05)


Nov 2011 Afrikahaus, Berlin & NARUD e.V.

„Waste Management-Politics-North-South“– Panel Discussion/ Speaker


Nov 2011 Congress for Migrants, Frankfurt –              Ministry for Family, Elderly, Woman and Youth

„African Diaspora Germany„ – Speaker

Nov 2011 Teacher Education Seminary, Potsdam for Hoch 4 – Society for political and intercultural Education

„Africa-Images in School Publications and in the Media“– Lecture & Workshop

Aug 2011 German Historical Institute (GHI) Washington – Financed by ZtG, Humboldt University Berlin

„Black German Identities” – Guest-Lecture – Black German Cultural Society


Jul 2011 Youth Congress, Berlin by Foundation Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance of the German Government

Team Leader, Coach for Youth

June 2011 Humboldt University Berlin Centre for Trans Gender Studies – Guest Lecture & Workshop Supervision
„Migrant Knowledge Archives, Social Networks and Artistic-Media Resistance as Knowledge Management Strategy“

February 2011 Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin – Humboldt University Berlin Centre for Trans Gender Studies                           „Soul Sisters. Long Time, No Talk!” – Panel Discussion Empowering Acts of Speaking

Moderator: Natasha Kelly (Humboldt University)/ Panel Guests: Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi (AFROTAK TV

cyberNomads), Prof. Dr. Maisha Eggers (University Magdeburg, Stendal), Aretha Schwarzbach Apathy

(Humboldt University Berlin)

April 2011 Chamber of Commerce, Vienna – World Diversity Leadership Forum – Center for Black Women (AFRA)

Diversity-Management für NGO´s“- Lecture and Panel

February 2011 Black History Month               @ Kölibri               Hamburg

Representation of Black People in Western Media“– Panel Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Nkechinyere Mbakwe

Panel Guests: Adetount Küppers-Adebisi (AFROTAK TV cyberNomads), Prof. Dr. Louis Henri Seukwa (University Hamburg), Dr. Nkechi Madubuko (ISD e.V.)

April 2010 Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin

Diversity in German Cultural Institutions” (Keynote-Speaker)

Feb 2010 Black History Month@ Heinrich Boell-Stiftung, Berlin             , Senate for Integration, African Union

Racism in Academic Institutions and Sport“– Concept & Moderation

Good Girls Go Heaven – Bad Girls Go Berlin (04) – Panel Discussion

Guests : Anneta Kahane (Amadeu Antonio Foundation), Tumenta Kennedy (Wittenberg Centre for Global Ethics),
Anthony Baguette (Clear Blue Water e.V.), Aretha Schwarzbach Apathy (Humboldt University), Dr. Jean Paul Rwasamanzi (AU)

May 2009 Haus d Bürgerschaftlichen Engagement, Hamburg              – African Educational Centre e. V. (ARCA)

Racism – Discrimination & Global Learning“– Panel Discussion

Panel Guest & Speaker for the Opening of the AFROTAK TV cyberNomads – Media Lounge

Feb 2009 Black History Month@ Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

125 Years Berlin Africa-Conference & WM South Africa“– Concept & Panel Discussion Moderation

Good Girls go Heaven Bad girls Go Berlin (03)

Panel Guests:  Pof. Dr. Maisha Eggers – University Magdeburg/Stendal,  Carl Camurca Initiative Schwarze Menschen in

Deutschland (ISD e.V.)

Feb 2009 Black History Month@ Amerika House, Berlin – Federal Office for Civic Education – Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Cultural Perspectives of the African Diaspora Germany“– Concept & Panel Discussion Moderation

Good Girls go Heaven Bad girls Go Berlin (02)

Panel Guests: Abenaa Adomako – Founder (ISD), André Degbeon (AfroTV), Natasha Kelly (Humboldt University),

Franklin Mikangou (Béto e.V.)

Feb 2009 Black History Month@ Amerika-House, Berlin – Federal Office for Civic Education – Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Identity and the African Diaspora in Germany“– Concept & Panel Discussion Moderation

“Good Girls go Heaven Bad girls Go Berlin (01)”

Panel Guests: Dr. John Kantara (Media & Film Maker), Tumenta Kennedy, (Wittenberg Centre for Global Ethics), Michael

Küppers-Adebisi (Media & Culture Manager), Prof. John Long (University of Illinois)

May 07 – Mai 08 Paris – AU Consultants Conference, Europe

Media-Representative for African Union, Embassy South Africa, Berlin

May 05 University Fulda (Fachhochschule) – Cooperation with VERDI Berlin

African Images in the Media / Migration and Job-Integration“- Lecture and Workshop

Department for Social and Cultural Science

Jan 04 – Dec 04 UNESCO Deutschland – House of the Cultures of the World Berlin

May Ayim Award – 1. International Black German Literature Award/ Moderation – Concept for this UNESCO Gala-Event,

Coordination of the Jury, Premiere of the AFROTAK TV cyberNomads Media – Lounge, Catering for 500 People

Management, Team Leadership

Sep 2011 House of Cultures of the World Berlin

„Victims of German Genocide in Namibia“ – Projektmanagement Panel Diskussion

Cooperation Partners: House of the Cultures of the World & the NGO-Alliance Namibia

Dec 10 – Jun 11 Service Agency Requalification Berlin

Assessment of Requalification & Education Needs for Migrants“- Project-Coordination

Dossier –Concept, research, interviews with focus groups/ Evaluation

Sep 10 – Dec 10 CrossKultur Festival, Berlin

AFROTAK TV cyberNomads – Media-Lounge / Concept and Realization

In Cooperation with Commissioner for Integration – Berlin-Schöneberg & GLADT e.V.
(Group of Lesbians, Gay men, bisexuals and trans people with family link to turkey)

Jun 10 – Jun 11 WEN Consulting GmbH, Berlin

Energy Consulter for Public Buildings in Berlin-Pankow – Team Leader

Measurement of the Buildings/ Optimization & Documentation of Consumption

Coaching and Workshops for Schools und Building Users

May 10 – Jun 10 State Action Plan Racism & Ethnical Discrimination, Berlin – Senate of Berlin (MRBB)

„Dossier Development of Culture & Media Recommendations for the Bill Draft

Project Management: Concept, Research, Interviews Focus Group, Workshops

Jan 10 – March 10 Black History Month @ Heinrich Boell-Stiftung, Berlin

Structural Racism in Academia and Sports

Project & Event Management, Coordination, Program Concept, Networking, Documentation, Accounting

Cooperation with African Union & Commissioner for Integration for Berlin

Jan 09 – March 09 Black History Month @ Amerika-Haus, Berlin

Project & Event Management Coordination, Program Concept, Networking, Documentation, Accounting
Federal Office for Civic Education & Institute Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin

Jul 04 – Feb 05 Black Atlantic Festival, Berlin @ House of the Cultures of World

Project-Management/ Concept Editorial Supervision / Film Documentation / Administrative Handling

Feb 04 – Dec 04 Black Media Congress 2004 @ House of the Cultures of World – Federal Office for Civic Education

„Black Global Diasporas“– Expert Congress – Project & Congress-Management – Content and Logistic Concept/

Expert-Coordination/ Program /Networking – Documentation/ 400 Participants/ Administrative Handling

Feb 03 – Dec 03 Black Media Congress 2003 @ Heinrich-Boell Foundation, Berlin – Federal Office for Civic Educatio

„Networking Europe“– Expert Congress – Project & Congress-Management – Content and Logistic Concept/ Expert-Coordination/

Program /Networking – Documentation/ 150 Participants – Administrative Handling

Feb 03 – Feb 04 Federal Office for Civic Education Bonn – Berlin

African Diaspora in Germany – Project Management & Editorial Supervision

Online-Dossier – Konzeption/ Bild & Textrechte/ Content-Akquisition / Authors

Feb 02 – Dec 02 Black Media Congress 2002 @ Goethe-Institute, Berlin – Federal Office for Civic Education

„Migration & Networks“– Expert Congress Migration – Project & Congress-Management

Content & Logistics Supervision: Expert-Coordination/ Program Development/ Networking – Documentation / 80 Participants

Administrative Handling and Copyright-Purchases

Jan 01 – Jan 03 Federal Office for Civic Education Berlin – Implementation of Data Bank & Community Portal

Projekt & Congress-Management – controlling for external Data Bank – Programming/ Editorial Supervision

via Content-Management – System

State Office for Civic Education Bonn, NRW

Concept & Realization Preparatory Expert Congress „Digital Migrant Education”

Nov 99 – Jan 01 Institutions Düsseldorf & Zürich

Translator (inaugurated) for Yoruba – English – German



Publications & Editing

2012 Author In: FREITEXT Kultur & Gesellschafts-Magazin – Edition 19

„Diaspora Faces of the African Rennaisance – Africa Images Germany“

2011 Author In: Marvin Oppong (Publisher): Migrants in German Politics p. 135-148

„Musical Revolts, Migration and Politics with Focus on Black Music Germany“

VS Publishing House – ISBN 978-3-531-17057

2011 Publisher –                 Service Agency Requalification SANQ and AFROTAK TV cyberNomads

„Requalification & Educational Needs for Migrants“- Online – Dossier          


2010 Author In: Nduka-Agwu/Hornscheidt (Publisher): Racism in Good German (Rassismus auf gut Deutsch)

A Critical Reference Book on Racist Speech Acts, P. 135-148 – ISBN 139783860996430

“Negritude – Black Global Liberation Movements of the 20th and 21st Century”

2007-2012 CEO AFROTAK TV cyberNomads – Online Archiv (Media,Culture, Knowledge)

Supervising Editor, Documentations, Interviews, Research, Networking, Budget Acquisition

2005 Publisher – Black Atlantic Festival – Dokumentation

House of the Cultures of World and AFROTAK TV cybernomads

2004 Editorial Supervision               – Federal Office for Civic Education (Publisher), Berlin – Bonn
African Diaspora Germany – Online-Dossier

2004 Publisher – AFROTAK TV cyberNomads and Anti-Discrimination Office Cologne

TheBlackBook – Black Existence in Germany from the middle Ages to contemporary Times

IKO– Publishing House ISBN 3-88939-745-X

Awards/ Auszeichnungen

2011 House of Cultures of World Berlin

Multi-Media-Competition – Audience Award for Short Film

„If the People don´t have Food. Why don´t they Eat Cake? “

2011 Holocaust Congress Berlin

Worthy Educational Concepts on German Memory Culture (Vergangenheits-Aufarbeitung)
Best Practice – Federal Office for Civic Education

2011 European Union Brussels

Worthy Integration Projects Europe – Media and Education                                                             

Best Practice EU

2010 INTERkultur Kongress Bochum

Worthy Integration Concepts Germany – Media and Integration                                      

Best Practice Deutschland

2010 World Diversity Diversity Leadership Congress Wien

Worthy Diversity Management Projects

Best Practice Austria/ Europe

2009 Counsel for Democracy And Tolerance             Berlin

Respekt Award Berlin / Senate of Berlin

Award for Engagement for the Civil Society

2008 Alliance for Democracy And Tolerance             Award Berlin – Federal Office for Civic Education

„Active for Democracy and Tolerance“

Best Practice Deutschland

2005 European Human Rights Report Europe Brussels

Naming as Worthy German Culture – Project for fighting Racism of Excellence

Best Practice EU

2004 UNESCO Germany Bonn

Awarded as German Project for the Re-Memory of the Slave Trade and its Abolition

May Ayim Award – The 1. International Black German Literature Award (Black Germania)

Offices for the Civil Society/ Zivilgesellschaftliche Ämter

since 12 Berlin                                    Elected Deputy: Integration Board Berlin-Pankow

since 10 Berlin                                   MINT- Ambassador (Youth Protégé Mathematics, Information, Science, Technics)

since 10 Berlin                                    Member: Of the Integrations-Panel Berlin-Pankow

since 09 Berlin                                    Member: Of the Advisory Board for Integration Berlin-Pankow
since 09 Berlin                           Founding Board-Member: African Union African Diaspora Sixth Region e.V.

07 Berlin                                                              Vice-President: African Union Diaspora Committee Deutschland

97 – 99 Mannheim                            President: Evidence of Conscience e.V. – Black Migrants-Mannheim

(Projects: Kwanzaa Events / Vision of the Newcomer – Theatre-Play)

Summary English/ Zusammenfassung Englisch

I mastered in 2002 in economical engineering (Dipl. Wirt.-Ing.) at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne with a thesis for the consulting company IDS Scheer AG in Saarbrücken. The topic of my thesis was “Economical Advantages of Enterprise Portals with Regard to Knowledge-Management Aspects”. Already as student intern for Victoria AG / ITERGO Information Technology in Düsseldorf I applied my interest in knowledge management while controlling the hard- and software rollout via databank. In an internship at ABB AG Mannheim I was exposed to the practical aspects of quality management. In November 2004 I was granted the certificate „Controlling and Project Management with SAP R/3“.

In 2002 I started project management and consulting for the Multi-Media Agency cyberNomads in Berlin and in 2003 became partner in the agency. With the expertise of my thesis I was able to support the concept for the digital architecture of an educational online databank. The portal went online in 2002 in cooperation with the Office for Civic Education of the German Government (BPB).

Equipped with a five year master plan and with financing of the BPB we realized three major Media Conferences with international speakers from academia, media and art. We instructed freelancers and interns and successfully we pitched our concepts to institutions. Goethe Institute Berlin 2002, Heinrich Boell Foundation 2003, and House of the Cultures of the World HKW 2004 hosted our events at their locations as cooperation partners.

We researched high-quality content and experts and initiated a global offline forum for media partners from print to TV for up to 400 participants. Our online-lobby of 4.000 registered contacts reaches out to the German mainstream, Europe and the African Diaspora. We organized a press conference with Thomas Krüger, the head of the BPB and (AFROTAK TV) cyberNomads. Under umbrella ship of the German UNESCO we realized the “International Literature Award” in honour of the late May Ayim as acclaimed German Project for the Memory of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.

(AFROTAK TV) cyberNomads developed the concept and realized the multimedia event. I introduced the international winners who we flew in. My moderation for the 3 hour gala-show applied the languages German, English and Yoruba. The accompanying book documents offline the competition entries.

For another major publication “The Black Book,” we researched 30 black mainly black experts to rewrite German history in the fields of art, academia, media, politics and business. We have taught basic CMS-knowledge in workshops and have given a guest lecture on “Migration, Cyberspace and the Workforce” to the University of Applied Sciences, Fulda on excursion to Berlin. The African Cup Soccer Gala I moderated 2006. Since 2007 the South African Embassy consults  cyberNomads for expertise on media-strategy. The SA Embassy invited me as representative for the African Union Conference RCC (Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference) in September in Paris.

Based on my work as teamplayer and Interface inbetween BpB and institutions from education, media, culture and migrants I have recieved an award for best practice from the government foundation „Demokratie und Toleranz“ for the work of cyberNomads in 2007. The award ceremony took place in spring 2008. AFROTAK TV cyberNomads have been nominated for the Peace Award Bremen 2005 and recieved the Adler Award from the African Youth Foundation in Bonn as Best Media in 2006.

From 2002 to 2007 more than 8 Millionen visitors have used the educational online portal and more than 4000 contacts from education, science, business, art and media have registered in the Black German Yellow Pages that we established to create an overview and directory for the Black Diaspora Germany as part of the portal.

Since 2002 I implemented a number of media concepts and promotion campaigns, created an online portal initiating a two year monthly flow of 300.000 visits for almost 3 years.

The portal is presently as Afrotak TV cyberNomads available.

Geboren am 20.03.1969 in Lagos/ Nigeria

Seit Oktober 1981 in Deutschland,

Staatsbürgerschaft: deutsch

EDV/ Software

SAP R/3, Windows 7, CAD, HTML, PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project,
MS Access, ADOBE Premiere, ADOBE Photoshop, CMS myEDIT, Social Media Networking Tools, WordPress, Facebook, YouTube


Yoruba / Englisch              Native Speaker
German                                              Spoken and Written – fluent
Spanish/ French                                Basics



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